Monday, December 6, 2010

Live Blogging Gossip Girl

Gossip girl - Chuck

-Has Serena gotten skinnier?

-Cleavage shots on this show have shifted from Serena's cans to Dan's furry moobs.

-Poor Rufus, just sitting home all day, changing sweaters and worrying about everyone.

-Question: does anyone in the US lock their doors?

-I love how the producers used every stereotype in order to create a wild party - beer pong! body shots! drugs!

-The absinthe flashback was weeeeeeird. Damien was a nerd doing Serena's homework? Alcohol affects you instantaneously?

-"He was, like, the only guy to ever say no to me" - Serena. Same as my life. Except replace "guy" with "Starbucks employee" and replace "no" with "yes" and replace "me" with "my request for a free breakfast sandwich" (that's actually a lie, he said no too).

-Wait? How did Ben know Nate? And how did Juliet get past the strict Ostroff security team?

-Townies are, like, so gross. Ew, it's like, get out of your town, and go to some other town.

-Wow, Lily is like f-ing Godzilla in this episode, destroying everything in her path

-I do enjoy a good Blair and Dan banter

-Um, so what was Ben's original evil plan? To destroy Serena, but without hurting her? And how did Serena just waltz into a secure facility? And why is she dressed like a hoochie in prison? And why do I bother asking logical questions about this show? And why do I even watch this show, given that I am 30 years old? Oh wait. The answer to that last question is Rufus. Straight up.

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