Friday, March 4, 2011

live blogging blake lively

-writers, c'mon: (1) serena playing scrabble, (2) serena knowing what detente means,...

-rufus, actually just a nurse: stay strong.

-blair's hair does look flat - good job hair people, aside from dorota.

-chuck is deep-talking too much, its getting to the point where i need subtitles.

-ew, serena is such a slut. she just is.

-eric as a drug mule? more like a pair of smelly old mules. sorry. that's bad.

-I don't understand all the business talk.

-Chuck is looking a little wrinkly - maybe he should take a page out of the Rufus kept-man botox book

-Raina and Nate may be a good match after all - she's a real dumb-dumb - it's Tai Chi moron! i love that missing a meeting is A-OK for skating for the first time

-blair and dan banter = blanter, which is the only good thing going for the show right now. step up your game, useless distracting bass industries side plot.

-eeeeew! why is vanessa back? why is dan mad at vanessa? confused. ahhh, yes i forgot that vanessa was an accomplice in drugging serena. bye vanessa, you are an outsider and annoying.

-dear eric - you are awful and we hate you. too bad eric is not the height of an 18 year old.

-am i as dumb as dumb-dumb or am i totally not following this whole tulip drug mule shit?

-rufus is stepping up his game - will he be receving another alpaca sweater for his efforts?

-oooh, snap - lily has uncovered the drug mule plot that i haven't/can't be bothered to figure out.

-huh? how can vanessa hear what ben/damien said - is her hair a conductor of sound or something?

-i do love the blanter - gourmet pizza, indeed.


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