Saturday, March 5, 2011

live blogging gossip girl - back to back!

-being fired slash quitting - blair is so sage (or content, or joined a cult...)

-why is chuck a member of the Brian Setzer orchestra now?

-why is nate wearing one of Rufus' cast-off sweaters? V-neck with no tee underneath? That's so Dan Humphrey.

-Don't try to pull the wool over Dorota's eyes, she was totes a member of the KGB

-Serena is offended that Ben didn't tell his mom that the person who caused him to be gang banged every day for years is dating him now? Get over yourself Serena.

-Rufus or Dan, who's jeans are skinnier? Answer: Ruf. And he's pulling the douchy roll up.

-Oh gag me. They are trying to set up a Blair-Dan romance. WHY WRITERS? WHY CAN'T THEY JUST BE FRIENDS??!

-Dear Ben's mom: I am lactose intolerant too, and I carry Lactaid pills. You are lame. I am actually lame. I have lactose intolerance and I'm trying to give tips to a fictional character.

-p.s. ben's mom - you look like a poor man's sheryl crow. were your lactose pills in the purse you left upstairs?

-pro-blanter but who knows...

-is chuck trying out for colour me badd in that burnt sienna overcoat?

-ben allegedly stole the affidavit out of serena's armoire?!

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