Monday, November 15, 2010

Live Blogging Gossip Girl

44395, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Friday September 3, 2010. Chace Crawford readjusts his shirt as he prepares to shoot a scene for Gossip Girl, with his script in his hand. Photograph:

- Who is making concentric circles with coloured pencils about Serena, Dan and Nate? It's definitely a man's hands...but why who would consider them all "cute"? Ah. The gay boys. But, "sincere poetry" is used to describe Dan and Serena?? And "athletic lacrosse" is used to describe Nate and Serena??! Someone didn't pay attention in grade four.

-Retraction and apology Serena? Looks like you will have to recall every tabloid ever made (get it? because she's a floozy! ha ha!)

-Do you think Dorota hides behind the door every time Blair is in a room on the off chance she will yell for her?

-Checkmate Lily, finally steppin' up her game.

-Ew, Jenny is the "kind of surprise" I receive when diarrhea accidentally squeezes from my butt. Sorry.

-Has Chuck gotten more breathy than usual?

-Did I direct this episode with my video editing kit I got in 1992? Too many wipe shots (with sounds effects!)

-I really doubt Nate would have enough smarts to want to meet at the Frick

-Serena, you had sex with every man in France, and nearly every man on the show - is it really far-fetched for Lily to think there's another dirty secret?

-As if no one can tell Jenny and Juliette's nasty hair from Serena's.

-Poor cherub Eric.

-Wait, Serena has the dean on text message? Isn't there a registration/admin department at Columbia? Oh right. There is no logic and reason to Gossip Girl.

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