Monday, January 24, 2011

Live Blogging Gossip Girl: We're Back!


-I would love to see Chuck Bass' help in his fall wardrobe
-Worst thing to here from your dad: "you in for a foursome?" ew. Nate's dad is sick. This episode is very incest heavy, what with Serena finding out what Dan feels about her during family brunch
-future bromance alert: nate's dad (the captain?) and rufus. bros before hos.
-visible minority alert! and she has lines!
-I like how Serena trying to help the jail guy for, like, a day is considered a "crusade"
-nine miles and no sweat, archibalds?
-halal cart joke - questionable.
-dan you're so dumb. SO dumb.
-playing with rufus' guitars? is that a euphemism?
-Serena: I feel bad about standing Dan up, but ME ME ME ME ME ME ME
-ugh, a James Franco reading? Dan's a douche
-Thorpe is the new Edward Lewis (Pretty Woman) - he buys companies cheap and dismantles them. Minus the Gere hair.
-dan humphrey - pulling the old switcheroo. too bad it wasn't a photocopied pic of his butt.
-Nate: "not good i'm guessing". so pretty but not the sharpest pencil in the box.
-agreed - tights ARE NOT PANTS.
-whaaaat? is this how rich people declare war - over champagne threats?
-did eleanor swipe kate middleton's engagement ring? someone get a handwriting expert in there.
-doormat theory - dan is a chip off the old waffle, aka rufus. they are both doormats.

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