Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Danza: an insult to the teaching profession!

I recently told a good friend of mine who is a teacher about Danza's reality show where he teaches high school English and my friend felt professionally insulted. I sort of shrugged off her response until seeing this clip. Now, I also find what Danza's doing to be not only career suicide but kind of offensive to the teaching profession.

In this interview, Danza says that there is a real problem with education in this country. Well yes Danza, if they are hiring YOU as a teacher there is most definitely a SERIOUS problem in America's education system!

I love how Danza is an ENGLISH teacher and then very eloquently tells the camera, "you know you think you know so much and then you find out YOU DUNNO NOTHIN"

I did love to see him cry though and would have given my right arm to see one of his cabaret productions in the school auditorium!

here's another link to more of Danza's tears:

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