Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Duchnovy=not so sexy...

I'd like to say that I'm open to most shows. Generally I try to avoid time in front of the tv because I know my weaknesses from summers spent home as a child; I'll devour every moment in front of it. So I work hard now to avoid it at all costs, unless a show comes highly suggested to me.

This has been the case with David Duchnovy's return to TV in Californication. Here he plays a street smart, sexy writer living the good and easy life in L.A. His problem? Women and girls will do just about anything to get some ass from him.

My issue: his ring. He wears a gay-man ring on his pointing finger. Why???? Everything else could be going for him. Sexy California tousled hair, sarcasm, kind of a cute smile, all the things that he's known for being sexy about, but why the ring? Just to be fair, I think a ring on that finger is generally unflattering on anyone, regardless of sex, though some people do pull it off nicely; and by some I mean all of two people I know.

Here's a clip that someone painstakingly put together about Duchnovy. I'm itching to point the finger at a certain someone who has a David Duchnovy face-mask in the house, but I'm not too sure. In any case, by 0:15, the ring finger is out. Ewww

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