Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentimes Day: Live Blogging Gossip Girl!!

Gossip Girl - Wishes For A Joyous Season

-yipes, blair - gold lamé, shouldered-padded blazer.
-why does everyone have giant foreheads this episode: raina, quackers, male serena (ben)...
-why does blair have a magnifying glass in her inbox?
-"two it girls talking" - it's just like us bloggers (but replace "it" with "nerds" and "talking" with "typing")
-did blair just pull a dj tanner? combo effect with gold lamé blazer = 80s-arama!
-what's rufus doing at this meeting, besides looking pretty in his best chunky sweater? (answer: waffle/frittata making)
-the captain's hair is growing back nicely...rogaine or lack of prison nuggies?
-thorpe is going to slice up Bass Industries because he went to the Edward Lewis School of Business (pre-life changing hooker with heart of gold)
-as if Chuck Bass would take business advice from The Captain and Tenille (aka manbangs)
-serena is the worst "best friend" ever - why the eff would she tell raina about blair's chuck feelings?
-Valentine's Day for One: i can't stop looked like rufus was kneeling in his best cable knit sweater with a tray of roses for lily. He is Kept Man of he Year. awww, poor ruf. i'll have champagne with you!
-is it weird how much time raina spends with her dad in an escort, arm in arm, manner?
-valentine's vendetta - it sounds like a made for tv movie starring tori spelling
-Captain Cockblock! Senior Archibald cock blocking his own son...harsh
-detective quackers is back and lurking/stalking/watching chuck get it on
-was everyone waiting at the door waiting to barge in chuck's fantasy suite (™ the bachelor, ™ chris harrison)
-P.I. Quack Quack is on the case...follow that blair!
-"in love" chuck is lame and boring
-blair used the word 'redact' - a shout-out!
-the captain is still a crook...rehabilitation, schabilitation.
-as if serena drinks beers? carb city? no thanks
-pulling a when harry met sally with the split screen movie watching - dear g girl writers, please don't make blair and dan fall in love

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