Monday, February 7, 2011

Live Blogging Gossip Girl: One Week Late!

Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford on Gossip Girl Set in New York City

-keeping it 'dirty between the sheets' automatically signals a night after too many burritos. Am I alone on this?
-match made in heaven: ben looks like serena and mumbles like her. bringing her narcissism to a whole new level
-sprung freshly out of prison with quite the hipster haircut, ben
-quack! quack! what is dan doing at W?
-has eric gone all jenny humprey? next episode, raccoon eyes, fish nets and hooker heels.
-best acting out of blake lively: eew. a halfway house.
-did dan borrow one of rufus' sweaters?
-is dan going to bring a waffle next?
-did rufus just get a backbone?
-we should make this a drinking games! other drinking games: every time rufus makes waffles to deal with a crisis, every time serena wears booty shorts & 6 inch heels to brunch, ...
-does the captain's CV just say The Captain?
-how did ben get into the W party?
-shafted. sorry, mr. fuji - only one visible minority gets to talk per episode.
-#1 quit, #2 kill himself. what was the third thing, The Captain? drop a bar of soap?
-the captain can go live with ben in the halfway house
-sad quack quack. this is what betrayal feels like.
-is damian bisexual?
-quick! rufus get a woolen sweater and stuff eric full of waffles (not euphemism...or is it?) (maybe rufus is bisexual, with his stepson - this is getting very flowers in the attic)
-smackdown! ben, walking away and not reciprocating serena's partial boob-al attack. back to the halfway house (where the captain is potentially dropping a bar of soap)
-mr. fuji! two walk-ons but still no lines. harsh.
-so basically, eric is loser who doesn't have friends

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