Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Toronto to Brazil, let's talk about my stories

New feature: Brazilian telenovela recap. Fun for the whole family.

*catfight begins around 4:46. Look out for the cake!

Originally, I started watching the channel 4, 4pm Brazilian telenovela for Portuguese practice. But I kept watching for the drama (and Portuguese practice). O Chocolate com Pimienta! My first introduction to the Brazilian version of the soap opera genre, I started watching four years ago at some point in the middle. I couldn't understand anything they were emoting about (except the chocolate), but I could understand the repeated refrain of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Actually, I had no idea why they kept playing that over and over, in every episode, multiple times, but I loved that the show ended with the main character (a once poor, beautiful and saintly former farm girl --the widow of one of the wealthiest man in the town, and maligned by the other jealous rich people), her son (not her husband's child, the son of her true love, a man who kept abandoning her for mysterious reasons, probably because she was poor; during one of these continual break ups, the kindly wealthy man marries her so her child won't be illegitimate) and her closest friend (poor, who was also maybe in love with her but knew she couldn't return his feelings in the way he wanted, and so exorcised his feelings by painting a portrait of her) flying away in an air balloon. Yes, the three of them flew off to unknown parts just like the Wizard in The Wizard of Oz-- but not at all like Dorothy, her dog, and her companions. Also, amazing: one character whose evil mother (she kept trying to steal the chocolate factory from main character) made him dress up like a girl for unknown reasons. And then he fell in love. But she thought he was a girl. And they go swimming. In their clothes. For a few weeks, I wasn't even sure if he knew he was actually a boy.

Next time. The amazing Da Cor do Pecado.
A sneak peek:

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