Monday, February 7, 2011

live blogging gossip girl - back to back!

Q&A, "Stake Land" US Premiere

-wow, rufus. you didn't even tell quackers that ben was moving into the loft? dan and the man who may have statutorily raped his ex-girlfriend/present-stepsister. Rufus = Father of the Year.
-ahh, the clueless solution, Blair. will mr. hall/cyrus be who epperly's pimped out to?
-eric. you are so so so SO dumb.
-how much pool does nate play by himself?
-aha, nate is the whore! (for epperly)
-"there you are!" "i have to go now" - serena wins Sister of the Year
-nate, nice side eye. epperly - wtf. you make serena look like meryl streep.
-raina - plush hat? is it a Gund?
-if serena remembers everything, how come she doesn't remember when ben stalked and tried to kill her
-i love scheming blair! pimp that archibald out.
-only sociopaths sit on the same side of a table - it's either chuck bass or Gund head?
-even better, scheming blair and chuck! well played (when fake conversating)
-blair is on fire! (calling out how stupid serena is and the fact that she's only into the idea of ben)
-props for blair's superbowl ass slap!
-why is damien so orange? he's like an oompa loompa.
-what's up with serena's ugly dress?
-Gund head is a bit of an idiot. What kind of senior executive misses the big vote?
-i love you nate archibald! sound of music is the best movie ever.
-eric: i thought we were ff-f-riends. you are ff-f-ucking idiot. next stop: ostroff centre.
-florence looks like those sad french clowns in the silk onesies with the furry, fluffy buttons
-does serena have bejewelled and be-ribboned booties on?
-WHAAAAT? blair is now the W editor? she's the new franco.
-serena's making out with her male self.

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