Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bachelor Pad Finale - Tidal River of Barf

Ugh, I cannot believe how many precious hours of my life were wasted watching this garbage. Actually, I can. I watch terrible TV, including my new find, Obese & Pregnant.

Here is a list of why this finale was the worst:

- Dave, who was a 'no means yes' type of guy on Gillian's season of the Bachelorette, won! And he was somewhat popular! He has total crazy eyes.

-Dumb-dumb Natalie also won!

-Wes (who was pure evil in Gillian's season) has turned into a likable guy. How did everyone forget his scheming ways so soon? AND - what was probably the worst thing all evening - they let him sing again. ANNNND the cast knew the words to his songs!!!

-Gia, who I used to like, turned out to be a Wes-loving moron

-Deep-V spandex onesies on Dave and Kovacs. Kiptyn kept it classy in a tux.

-Did you see the disconnect in colour between Krisily's orange face and her neck?

BUT, there were also some highlights:

-Dave planting a wet kiss on host Chris Harrison

-Not hearing Tenley squeal of happiness

-Crazy Michelle. Speaking of whom, here is a video in which Michelle made Tenley cry:

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