Sunday, September 26, 2010

Is Danza this hard up for cash?

382187 03: Actor Tony Danza hugs Katherine Helmond as they prepare to help serve free dinners to the homeless at the Los Angeles Mission during 'The Great Thanksgiving Banquet' November 22, 2000 in Los Angeles. (Photo by Newsmakers)

"Teach: Tony Danza" is an A&E show, premiering Friday at 10 pm, where Danza co-instructs a 10th Grade English class at Northeast High School in Philadelphia. For real.

Why in God's name is Danza teaching high school? And why does he look like a shriveled up grape who's about to go on life support?

This is a real far cry from that hunky Tony Micelli we all hold dear to our hearts. Please don't tarnish our sweet memories of you vacuuming window drapes without a shirt on!

I can't want for pronunciation classes: "Angel-er", "Mon-er", "Samant-a", "Jona-tin"

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