Monday, September 20, 2010

muscle woman

I just read about this woman today. She's a muscle builder from Jordan who, despite all the death threats and ridiculing from her family and others in Jordan, decided to quite her UN job and become a body-builder.

For one, I think that's commendable and all that stuff about women doing what they want, but I don't equate body-building with woman's liberation. But maybe I'm missing the point.

Secondly, the body builder, Farah, said she wanted to pursue her sport to show arab girls that they can do whatever they want. While yes, that is true, I have a few issues with that. One: Farah comes from a privileged Jordanian family, meaning, she was given the luxury many other arab girls don't have to try whatever she wanted, thinking in a 'western' way. Two: Body-building is a sport that supports horrible eating habits and OCD training habits all for the sake of looking a certain way.

But, deep down inside, I still think it's pretty cool that an arab lady has shed her clothes to show curves and muscles.

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