Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hollywood Cruelty

Since its inception, Hollywood has been pairing relatively unattractive leading men with gorgeous women. A recent example occurred in Cyrus, which matched the hilarious, but facially-challenged John C. Reilly with Marissa Tomei. Normally this would irk me, but I'd get over it and suspend my disbelief. That is, until I saw the ad for Jack Goes Boating. First, Philip Seymour Hoffman. Second, Philip Seymour Hoffman with blonde dreads. Third, is it wrong of me to infer that he is mildly "special" in this film? Are viewers really supposed to believe that Jack could really land a date with Holly from The Office? I think we need to even things out with a rom-com starring Rachel Dratch as a down-on-her-luck janitor in a full body cast landing Javier Bardem, a sensitive, smart, and funny pediatrician.

See preview here:

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