Monday, September 6, 2010

Open Letter to Fedoras

Fedoras are the not-so-new but lingering head wear of choice for hipster douchebags worldwide. In the same vein as trucker hats, a-holes don fedoras in order to look cool. See also plaid shirts, Ray Bans, skinny jeans and scarves. The thing is, fedoras do often make people look hotter. Balding men often successfully wear fedoras as hair masks.

Urban Dictionary describes the "fedora douchebag threshold theorem" as follows:

"The sociological rule that one person wearing a fedora in a larger group may be stylistically unique, but two or more people wearing a fedora in a larger group renders every person in that group a douchebag.

Check it out - another fedora. What a douchebag.

No, wait - if it was just that one dude it might be cool, but two of his bros are wearing them too. According to the Fedora Douchebag Threshold Theorem, all five of them are douchebags."

I don't know about that theorem. Check out this pic of Jason Mraz and decide for yourself.

Jason Mraz Backstage Candid Photos

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