Monday, September 27, 2010

Live Blogging Gossip Girl

Photo by: KGC11/ 2010  7/28/10 Ed Westwick at the CBS Summer 2010 Press Tour Party. (Beverly Hills, CA)  Photo via Newscom

Okay - when did Chuck lose the limp and cane?

Really Dan? Really, you can't believe the baby's not yours? You are stupider than...someone who is REALLY stupid. God.

And Rufus, you just told your son that his baby's not his - and you ditch him for Chuck Bass? Wait, that's a good call Ruf. Dan's a fucking moron.

What's with Chuck's gf? She's not a great actress and she's not stereotypically pretty? Is she an international celebrity in real life?

Eva to Chuck: "You're used to all these things, the cars and clothes and spa...and roof?" Was Eva homeless?

Oh snap! Eric's dropping the date rape bomb!!! And calling Rufus "Rufus", not "dad"

3 Men and a Baby was a FICTIONAL movie Vanessa.

Man, Serena really can't stand not to be in the spotlight for one minute.

"I'm truly sorry" - that doesn't erase near statutory rape.

Ha! Double snap on Juliette - who do you think you're messing with? Dorota's in the house. I like how Lily siddled in on this shit.

Bye Baby Milo - you were the worst plot idea ever.

For a dirty hippie, Vanessa sure has a ton of clothes.

"It's a prayer rug"??? - as if Vanessa's mom would subscribe to any religion

Best ending line ever: "Trouble's moving in, and it's looking to make the Upper East Side its bitch. xoxo Gossip Girl."

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